About Us

Our Purpose

Cube Credit is New Zealand’s preeminent advisor for corporate businesses, private equity sponsors and infrastructure investors who are seeking to raise debt or refinance existing debt in the New Zealand market. Cube Credit ensures the debt raising process is as straightforward and efficient as possible for our clients and their lenders.

Our Approach

Embedding ourselves within our client's business or transaction, we quickly gain an understanding of strategic objectives and commercial drivers. Cube Credit will then undertake an independent lender credit assessment, optimise debt arrangements so they are fit-for-purpose and lead the engagement and negotiations with prospective lenders from start to finish.

Our Areas of Expertise

Cube Credit specialises in complex and event driven transactions that require bespoke financing solutions. We have experience across the full spectrum of financing products and extensive relationships with a wide range of domestic and offshore banks, private credit funds and other non-bank lenders. Our services will be of most value in the following situations:

  • Advising companies on their debt capacity and terms, including structural changes that would make them more attractive to lenders
  • Moving to multi-lender structures, including bilateral, club and syndicated arrangements
  • Leveraged buyouts, private equity and corporate M&A transactions
  • Complex debt arrangements with multiple debt providers and intercreditor arrangements involving subordinated or mezzanine finance
  • Project finance, asset backed finance, securitisation and structured real estate finance
  • Restructures or refinancings

The Team

Cube Credit was established in May 2019 by it's three founders - Raynor McMahon, Craig McManaway and Nick Whitwell. Raynor, Craig and Nick have 60 years combined experience within the corporate and institutional banking market. Additional team members have been added to support the on-going growth in the business.


How We Can Help

New Zealand’s debt markets have become complex and dynamic. Traditional bank lenders are experiencing increased regulation, needing to constantly review their capital allocation and portfolio mix. At the same time there is increasing appetite from private credit funds, other non-bank lenders and offshore banks, all of whom have a targeted focus on specific areas of the New Zealand debt market.

This landscape is becoming increasingly harder for borrowers to navigate and ensure that they are receiving optimal solutions in an efficient manner. Engaging an independent debt advisor has become important to ensure borrowers are engaging with the most appropriate lenders and accessing the right debt products on competitive terms, which align to the specific strategies and financial objectives of each individual business.

The key foundations to a successful debt raising are time, product awareness and relationships:



Borrowers need time to prepare for the process, manage multiple parties, benchmark different offers or structures and work through detailed debt terms sheets and finance documentation. Business owners, executives and financial sponsors are time poor – so it can be challenging to allocate enough time to achieve an optimal debt raising process.


Debt Product Awareness

Borrowers need to understand the full spectrum of debt products and types of lenders available to them so that they can obtain the most appropriate financing package to support the businesses strategy. In a dynamic environment Cube Credit is ‘in the market’ ensuring we know which lenders are active, along with the structures and terms that are available.



Long term relationships with multiple financial service providers is a key strategic requirement for any corporate business. As businesses and their financing requirements grow, it can be difficult and time consuming to maintain or build new relationships with lenders or access alternate forms of debt finance. Cube Credit can intermediate to ensure access to the most appropriate lenders for the business.

Cube Credit brings a wealth of experience to manage all aspects of our clients’ debt raising processes. Our input and process management frees up significant time to enable either; business owners and senior management to focus on operations and strategy; or, enabling financial sponsors to focus on vendor negotiations, investment thesis, due diligence, transitional arrangements and investment committee approvals.

We are

We are a specialist debt advisory firm. We are not subject to the conflicts of interest or cross selling that is inherent with other large financial advisory firms, nor are we influenced by the vested interests of product providers or financial institutions.

We truly understand
our client’s business

We will embed ourselves within our client’s business or deal from the outset. This helps us understand their strategic objectives and what this means from a financing perspective, before prospective lenders are engaged. Presenting a well thought through and bankable structure from the outset supported by appropriate due diligence will make debt raising processes as efficient as possible.

We have an extensive
market network

We have a significant onshore and offshore network at our disposal, which we will utilise to obtain the best outcomes for our clients. Our relationships span banks, private credit funds, other non-bank lenders and a wide range of financial and professional services firms. We know that building and maintaining long term relationships with multiple financial service providers is important for successful businesses, and that sustainable long-term relationships take precedence over extracting “short term wins”.

We value confidentiality

We have a lot of experience working discretely on confidential transactions and will always treat our client’s information with the highest level of confidentiality. This is of utmost importance to us. Our market reputations are critical to us and we will never do anything that would tarnish ourselves, our business or our clients.

We are corporate
debt experts

We have a deep understanding of how all types of lenders approach transactions. This includes their approach to credit analysis, debt structuring, allocating internal risk grades, determining pricing levels, aggregation issues, ESG policies and appetite levels. Our expertise spans the full spectrum of lenders and debt products for both investment grade and sub investment grade borrowers.


Our people know
how to run a transaction

The Executive Directors you meet at the start of an engagement are the people controlling the transaction from start to finish. They are across the detail but also understand the big picture.

An important element of a successful debt raising is managing an efficient and professional process between client, lenders and other advisors. This is a core strength – the Cube Credit team all have vast experience in managing a transaction end-to-end and will take complete ownership and responsibility for the process.

We also know that each transaction is unique, so we do not use a “cookie cutter” approach when structuring a financing package. We pride ourselves on our ability to come up with bespoke arrangements that work for all parties and creatively navigate any issues that may arise.

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